China Part 6 – Guangzhou



November 18, 2009 


Today we had a meeting with Cathy Yao (Managing Director) and Leanne Yi (Business Development Manager) from the BC Trade and Investment Representative Office.  This is an office newly opened by the BC Government to link business and trade partners in Canada and China.  We wanted to bring them up to speed on our proposed projects, especially the exhibit.  Cathy was interested and indicated she thought that there might be businesses and organizations in China who might support this project, especially given the price tag was only $200,000!


Guangzhou, with a population approaching 12 million, is a city of contrasts.  It has some of the most amazing modern buildings and beautiful landscaping  juxtaposed with mile upon mile of ugly concrete 15 story apartments.  It has wide avenues filled with cars and narrow alleys where only bicyles and pedestrians can go.  Extreme wealth and poverty side by side.  An North American city would envy the freeway system, without which travel across the city would be impossible, but traffic is horrendous and the air pollution all over the area is horrific.