Barkerville Contract Request for Proposals – Interpretation



 Barkerville Historic Town

The Barkerville Heritage Trust is seeking proposals from interested parties for the purpose of issuing contracts for the following historical interpretation programs within Barkerville Historic Town:

Homelife Interpretation – Schoolteacher and Wendle House: This contract will require no less than three people to interpret activities in the Williams Creek Schoolhouse and the Wendle House.

  • The schoolteacher portion of this contract will require one person daily to portray to the visiting public and school groups the character of a Victorian schoolteacher using prepared lesson plans which are relevant to the Victorian time period.
  • The Wendle House portion of this contract will require one person daily to portray home life demonstrations to the visiting public, such as gardening, baking, sewing, and clothes washing, consistent with life at the turn of the 20th century in an isolated gold mining town.

Judge Begbie – Early Justice: This contract will require no less than two people to portray the characters of Judge Matthew Baillie Begbie and his assistant(s), for daily presentations and one-on-one costumed interpretation concerning the colonial Justice system prevalent in British Columbia during the gold rush, including (but not limited to) the life and times of British Columbia’s first Chief Justice.

Historic Chinatown Interpretation: This contract will require no less than two people to facilitate the delivery of activities which illustrate the importance of the Chinese community (miners, merchants, labourers and others) during the development of Barkerville, the Cariboo goldfields, and British Columbia. These activities may include site tours, demonstrations, historically-themed vignettes and/or discussions, one-on-one costumed interpretation, Chinese schoolhouse lessons, and special events.  Activities must be deliverable in both Mandarin and English.

Blacksmith: This contract will require no less than two people to provide interpretation of themes dealing with the everyday operation of a blacksmith shop throughout the course of Barkerville’s interpreted history (1862 to 1942), and to produce items for sale.  A portion of the proceeds from items sold will be set aside for either the Friends of Barkerville (Cariboo Goldfields Historical Society) or the Barkerville Heritage Trust (percentage and allocation negotiable).

Mining in The Cariboo: This contract will require no less than three people to provide the interpretation of themes dealing with geology, mining equipment (including, but not limited to, the Cornish Waterwheel), technology and the mining of gold on Williams Creek at Barkerville.

Historic Street Interpretation: This contract will require no less than six people to provide site tours, historically-themed vignettes and/or discussions, one-on-one costumed interpretation, and special events on the front and back streets of Barkerville.  The Historic Street Interpretation contract shall include character representation from throughout the course of Barkerville’s interpreted history (1862 to 1942).

The contracts will be issued on a five (5) year term, with annual renewal based on the satisfactory completion of the previous contract year and the availability of adequate funding.  First-time contractors with the Barkerville Heritage Trust are subject to a one-year probationary term, with annual renewal based on satisfactory completion of the initial contract year, to be determined by formal review.  During each of the five (5) years of the contract the conditions as outlined in the contract will remain the same, unless mutually negotiated otherwise.

Closing Date: November 8th, 2010 at 11:59 pm for all contract proposals.

The Trust is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid submitted.

Some or all contracts may not be awarded, and are subject to budget approvals.

Proposal packages will be available after October 8th, 2010 by emailing the undersigned and giving company and/or contact name(s), mailing address, telephone and email information, and referencing the contract name; or by mailing the above information to the undersigned.

Packages are also available at the Barkerville Administration office front desk from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, or by emailing the undersigned.

All submissions will be considered based on equal criteria.

Closing Location:  

Barkerville Heritage Trust
c/o Barkerville Historic Town                                   
PO Box 19                                                             
Barkerville, BC  V0K 1B0


James Douglas
Manager, Visitor Experiences and Public Relations
250-994-3302, ext. 41