July 26th, 2011 – Barkerville Bella is on the MOVE!

Today is officially the start of the Barkerville Bella “All Roads Lead to Barkerville Tour”…and I am really excited. It has been a busy few weeks getting everything ready and undoubtedly, I forgot something and things are definitely not perfect. But who says they have to be, really? My mission, over the next few weeks, is simply to share why I love Barkerville and why I am so passionate about making sure that everyone knows that they need to come and see for themselves why it is so wonderful! For those of you that don’t know, I am relatively new to this special place and my “job” is officially Marketing and Communications Specialist for Barkerville. My goodness, that sounds rather pretentious, doesn’t it?

The past few months have been a period of exploration and discovery about what makes Barkerville and the region around it so truly magical and utterly engaging at every level. Perhaps the most fascinating and best part for me personally is the fabulous people that live and work here! By the way, you will have to get used to my over zealous use of adjectives…especially words like amazing and fabulous…I really can’t help myself…as it is how I see the world…and if I think something is wonderful I have to say so!

Next year Barkerville will celebrate its 150th Anniversary and that is pretty significant! In fact, I bet most people don’t know how important this gold rush town is to the establishment of British Columbia and that Barkerville was once the largest city north of San Francisco. I think Barkerville should be on every British Columbian’s “bucket list” of places they have to go and every visitor to our beautiful province should consider it a “must see” BC experience.

So, today I will start my journey from the lovely city of Kamloops which is rather appropriate I think since many of the routes to Barkerville end up here before they make their way to us. It is hard to decide what will be the best part of this adventure…will it be the people I meet, the places I visit, the memories or stories that people share about Barkerville or the chance to visit more great heritage sites along the way.

Anyway, Barkerville Bella is on the road to Prince George via Cache Creek, Clinton, 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Quesnel today in a little silver Yaris that says “Living in the past has never been this much fun!!!” so watch out for me in your community!