Barkerville’s Mid-Autumn Festival offers moon cakes, music, and magic to more than 1500 visitors, thanks to support from McElhanney Consulting Services, Ltd.

More than 1500 visitors flocked to Barkerville, British Columbia’s annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival last weekend, eager to help the National Historic Site of Canada celebrate its Chinese pioneers… and to sample the Festival’s traditional offering of tasty red-bean moon cakes, Chinese musical performances, magic shows, dance, and other cultural exhibitions.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, a part of Barkerville’s 150th anniversary season of special events, was made possible by a gift from Community Sponsor, McElhanney Consulting Services, Ltd.

McElhanney Consulting Services, founded in 1910 by British Columbia land surveyor William G. McElhanney, is a now a major Canadian company specializing in engineering, surveying and mapping in the fields of transportation, structures, land development, drainage, water supply and treatment, sewage treatment and disposal, resource development and land administration. McElhanney‘s goal is to provide personalized services tailored to local needs and supported by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and professionals, and the consulting company has completed projects throughout Canada and in over 70 other countries for government, the private sector and international financial institutions.

The funds donated by McElhanney went directly to the purchase of materials and supplies required to host the special event weekend, including moon cakes, lantern making supplies, prizes, and fireworks.

“McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. once again is proud to be a part of the Barkerville Mid-Autumn Moon Festival,” said Bill Cheung, Branch Manager at McElhanney Consulting & Services Ltd. “With McElhanney’s own involvement in the history of British Columbia over the past 100 years, we enjoy the opportunity to look back at our past and appreciate the difficulties and challenges that our early settlers and First Nations had to contend with in this part of the world.

“McElhanney also congratulates the Chinese community which played such a primary role in the history of Barkerville and BC.  During Barkerville’s 150 year anniversary, this is a great time to celebrate the happy occasion of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.”

This is McElhanney’s second gift to Barkerville and their second sponsorship of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Their inaugural gift was in 2011.  In addition to McElhanney’s Community Sponsorship, the Community Support of both Barkerville Gold Mines Limited and Quesnel’s Sandman Hotel helped to make Barkerville’s sesquicentennial Mid-Autumn  Moon Festival a rousing success.

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