“Community Action” returns to Barkerville’s educational programs thanks to second TELUS gift

A sophomore donation from the TELUS Community Action Team towards Barkerville Historic Town’s Educational Programming: K-12 School Students ensured the Barkerville School Program kicked off its 2013 season in style – Victorian style, that is.

“TELUS is proud to have supported Barkerville’s Educational Programming: K-12 School Students again this year,” said Rod Peck, Manager of TELUS’ Field Support CSD Home Team in Quesnel. “Partnering with the Barkerville Heritage Trust ensures that our youth understand the importance of the Cariboo Gold Rush and its place in Canadian history.”

The National Historic Site of Canada’s award-winning, curriculum-based interpretive School Program has provided exceptional interactive history lessons for British Columbia students for decades. Thanks to a recent contribution from the TELUS Community Action Team, which allocates annual grants to charitable organizations in Northern British Columbia, the 2013 Barkerville School Program launched with tremendous excitement, and much appreciated supplies, on May 16th. Barkerville used the TELUS funds to help facilitate a comprehensive program schedule for students of all ages participating in the 2013 Barkerville School Program, as well as purchase materials and supplies required for the implementation of fully-immersive, educational experiences.

“The support of TELUS’ Community Action Team has had an immediate and measurable impact on our School Program this year,” said Judy Campbell, Barkerville’s Chief Executive Officer. “Nearly two thousand students, teachers, and parents from 49 different British Columbia schools will ultimately benefit from TELUS’ gift.”

TELUS has been a part of Western Canadian communities for over a hundred years, and as part of its corporate mandate chooses to “give where they live.” This is the second year TELUS has partnered with Barkerville to assist in the presentation of Barkerville’s Educational Programming: K-12 School Students.

The Barkerville School Program runs from mid-May to late-June of every year, and includes seven core elements: Early Justice, the William’s Creek Schoolhouse, Chinese Schoolhouse, Chinatown Tour, Wendle House, Blacksmith, and Mining in Barkerville.  For more information about Barkerville’s School Program, please contact Judy Mooring at 1-888-994-3332, ext. 29, or email judy.mooring@barkerville.ca.