BC Hydro stoutly demonstrates continued support for Barkerville’s educational programs

A generous donation from BC Hydro towards Barkerville Historic Town’s Educational Programming: K-12 School Students ensures the important work of this historical school program continues into 2013.

“This program is very important to us, and we are happy to be supporting Barkerville for the third time, and the second year in a row we are helping the school programs here achieve success,” said Dave Mosure, the Community Relations Coordinator for BC Hydro. “We like to act locally, and partnering with the Barkerville Heritage Trust ensures that today’s youth understand the importance of the Cariboo Gold Rush and its place in Canadian history.”

The National Historic Site of Canada’s award-winning, curriculum-based interpretive School Program has provided exceptional interactive history lessons for British Columbia students for decades. The fully immersive experiences ensure students leave with a profound and visceral sense of Victorian Era Culture and Commerce as they learn about the ongoing economic impact of the gold rush from the 1870s forward in the province.

The donation from BC Hydro contributes to the purchase of supplies and materials for the school programs, to the direct benefit of some 2,000 students representing more than 50 schools throughout the province.

“Barkerville has long been recognized as a leader in bringing the experiences of another time to life for visitors to the site,” said James Douglas, Barkerville’s Manager of Visitor Experiences. “The school programming here allows students to dig even deeper into our past, shining a collective light on our future.”

“The willingness of BC Hydro to recognize these programs ensures our students have the opportunity to move forward as future leaders in the various marketplaces of life, all of them, without exception,” he added. “And who knows… perhaps the important work happening here will inspire some of those students to work for BC Hydro one day.”

The Barkerville School Program runs every year from mid-May to late-June and includes seven core elements: Early Justice, the William’s Creek Schoolhouse, Chinese Schoolhouse, Chinatown Tour, the Wendle House, Blacksmithing, and Mining in Barkerville.  For more information about Barkerville’s School Program, please contact Judy Mooring at 1-888-994-3332, ext. 29, or email judy.mooring@barkerville.ca.