[Schedule] 12th annual Williams Creek Sports Day & Goldfield Bakery Pie-Eating Contest

Welcome to Barkerville’s annual

Williams Creek Sports Day

September 7th, 2015

To participate in the games, please join us at the clearing (#57 ON YOUR MAP)!

12:30 PM – 3:00 PM
(Sports Day events will take place in the following order)

  • Opening Ceremonies: welcome one and all to the Labour Day fun!
  • Broad Jump: all children are invited to participate
  • Ladies’ Nail Driving: ladies are invited to show their skills
  • Funny Face Contest: children should bring their funniest face
  • Candy Toss: see how many you can collect!
  • Cracker Eating Whistle Races: who’s got the fastest chew on the creek?
  • 20 lb. Hammer Toss: let’s see who is the strongest adult on the Creek
  • Ladies’ Egg in Spoon Race: a test of skill, dexterity and stamina
  • Egg Toss: for children and adults; don’t end up with egg on your face!
  • Greasy Pole Climb: for those of legal age
  • Tug o’ War: the ultimate Labour Day challenge for everyone!

3:00 PM

  • Life-sized Chinese Chess: utilizing a hand-crafted, giant Chinese Chess board, a cast of Barkerville’s unique historical characters will recount the tale of the great battle between two infamous Chinese armies that serves as the mythology behind the game of Xiangqi (more commonly known as Chinese Chess). Spectators are most welcome, and can expect to learn the rules of the Chinese Chess while witnessing game-play of epic-proportions.

4:00 PM

  • Immediately following the all the fun and games please join us for the

12th ANNUAL Goldfield Bakery


Presented by
(#26 on your map)

A no hands, no-holds-barred gastronomical extravaganza!