Barkerville’s “season of sesquicentennials” a record-setting success [Part 1 of 4]

2015 The Barkerville Heritage Trust


  • The 2015 Barkerville season resulted in a recent-history attendance record of 60,371 visitors between May 15th and September 27th
    • this is the first year since 2010 Barkerville has exceeded 60,000 guests
    • a variety of factors impacted attendance, including a number of recent improvements to the town and park, amplified earned-media and marketing strategies, and increased overall provincial tourism numbers
  • Three sesquicentennials (150th anniversaries) were celebrated in Barkerville this season
    • the completion of Cariboo Waggon Road (spelled with two Gs in 1865)
    • the first edition of Barkerville’s Cariboo Sentinel newspaper (June 6, 1865) and
    • the first performance of the Cariboo Amateur Dramatic Association (June 17, 1865)
  • In addition to Barkerville’s three sesquicentennial anniversaries, the Barkerville Heritage Trust (BHT) celebrates its 11th “birthday” on October 29th, 2015
    • the Barkerville Heritage Trust is Barkerville’s operating and managing partner, working with the Government of BC, Barkerville’s owner and statutory guardian


“Having managed Barkerville for more than a decade now, the Barkerville Heritage Trust would like to thank all of our visitors, partners, and supporters for contributing to the continued success and sustainability of the town and park,” said BHT Chair, Don Bassermann.


[From left] BHT board members Rob Rummel, Walt Cobb and Kristin Clausen, CEO Ed Coleman, BHT board member Eileen Lao, Quesnel Rotary’s Peter Walsh, BHT Chair Don Bassermann, Dr. Jacqueline Holler, BHT board members Ramona Rose, Robin Sharpe, Miriam Schilling, Richard Wright and John Massier