Reconstruction offers a solid foundation for Barkerville’s successful season [Part 2 of 4]


2015 Barker & Co. Discovery Shaft and Shaft House Opening


  • In early 2015 Barkerville’s Eldorado Gold Panning & Gifts underwent successful foundation and structural repairs, preserving the character of the original 1930s building as per the official Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
    • the Barkerville Heritage Trust would like to thank Algonquin Contracting, as well as the Eldorado’s license holders and staff for excellent work and cooperation during the project
  • On September 26th a reconstruction of the 1934 Barkerville School (which burned to the ground in 1946) was officially opened, after four years of extensive planning and construction, and is now available for activities and programming
    • a number of partners contributed to the Barkerville School project, including the Province of British Columbia, Barkerville Historic Town & Park staff, C & C Wood Products of Quesnel, the College of New Caledonia, the Friends of Barkerville, Paul Galliazzo & Stephanie Waring, the Rotary Club of Quesnel, the Royal Bank of Canada, TELUS, West Fraser Mills, Willis Harper Home Hardware, and others
  • Also on September 26th, after 20 years of research and planning, an authentic replica of Billy Barker’s Barker & Co. Discovery Shaft and Shaft House officially opened, complete with fully-operational windlass and sluice box displays and bench seating for interpretive programming
    • contributing partners to the Barker & Co. Discovery Shaft and Shaft House include Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, HGTV’s Timber Kings, John & Hazel Massie, Barkerville Historic Town & Park staff, Dave Brown Enterprises, the Friends of Barkerville, and others
  • The 2015 Barkerville season resulted in a recent-history attendance record of 60,371 visitors between May 15th and September 27th
    • this is the first year since 2010 Barkerville has exceeded 60,000 guests
    • a variety of factors impacted attendance, including a number of recent improvements to the town and park, amplified earned-media and marketing strategies, and increased overall provincial tourism numbers


“The Barker & Co. Discovery Shaft and Shaft House reconstruction will be a remarkable legacy for visitors to Barkerville for generations to come. We cannot thank the team from Pioneer Log Homes and HGTV’s Timber Kings enough for providing us with this lasting opportunity, and look forward to seeing the lasting results – both on site, and on film.” – Ed Coleman, CEO of Barkerville Historic Town & Park


[From left] Barkerville Heritage Trust Chair Don Bassermann and Friends of Barkerville representative Lana Fox cutting a ribbon at the official opening of the Barker & Co. Discovery Shaft and Shaft House

Photo credit: Carleigh Drew, Barkerville Historic Town & Park