Ray Beaulieu Memorial Fire Truck Building now a reality thanks to #FCCAgriSpirit Fund and others

October 14, 2016 [Barkerville, BC]

Ray Beaulieu Memorial Fire Truck Building now a reality thanks to FCC AgriSpirit Fund and others


• An investment of $25,000 CDN from Farm Credit Canada’s AgriSpirit Fund is providing welcome aid in the construction of a heated garage that will be used to house a new fire truck and turn-out gear for the Barkerville and Wells Volunteer Fire Departments.
• A 1990 Ladder Fire Truck was recently donated to Barkerville Historic Town & Park, a much needed upgrade from the 1972 truck that has currently been in use.
• This new fire truck will increase the level of fire protection available to the Wells-Barkerville area, as well as treat additional safety and security, environmental, and health care concerns.
• The District of Wells’s current fire hall is not large enough to hold the new fire truck, and extreme weather conditions in the region make it essential to have the truck stored in a heated building.
• The new fire truck building, which will be located adjacent to the current fire hall in Wells, will be dedicated to the memory of Barkerville’s late fire chief, Ray Beaulieu, who played a significant role in securing the new fire truck for Barkerville and Wells.
• The Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade is an organization run solely by volunteer from the Wells-Barkerville-Bowron Lakes community, and volunteers attend fire practice at the Wells Fire Hall every Wednesday night, 52-weeks per year, where they train in firefighting techniques and methods that allow them to be on call for any emergency and provide dedicated fire protection and prevention measures to Wells, Barkerville, and the surrounding area.
• In addition to the FCC AgriSpirit Fund investment, construction of the Ray Beaulieu Memorial Fire Truck Building is made possible by the generous support of West Fraser Mills, Ltd., the District of Wells, the City of Quesnel, the Province of British Columbia, and numerous “In Honour of Ray Beaulieu” individual donors.


“As a Provincial Heritage Property and National Historic Site of Canada with buildings dating back to the 1860s, the town of Barkerville is irreplaceable. Fire protection is an essential service to us, and to the nearby communities of Wells and Bowron Lake; it impacts all of our residents and homeowners by keeping our children and families safe and insurance premiums low, allowing families to afford to own their homes. This particular project hits close to the heart of many people here, named as it is in memory of Barkerville’s long-time Fire Chief, who was sadly killed in a tragic accident in 2014.” Ed Coleman, CEO | Barkerville Historic Town & Park



1. Barkerville’s new 1990 Ladder Fire Truck, shown here outside the Barkerville Fire Hall
Credit: Carleigh Drew, Barkerville Historic Town & Park
2. Breaking ground beside the Wells Fire Hall for new heated garage
Credit: James Douglas, Barkerville Historic Town & Park


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