July 08

“Pay What You Can” camping and admission for those effected by BC wildfires

Due to the unprecedented nature of the current state of emergency in the Cariboo and throughout BC, Barkerville is offering “pay what you can” camping and RV sites at all three of our Barkerville Campgrounds (as well as Cottonwood House Historic Site) to those effected by the fires. Capacity may be limited, and some restrictions may apply, but we will do our best to provide whatever space we can.

There are reservable and first-come-first-serve spots available in the Forest Rose, Lowhee and Government Hill campgrounds as well as overflow parking lots for RVs and a range of tent-able areas within the boundaries of the park (outside of the heritage zone). If you need a place to stay while the emergency continues, please call us for more information at 1-888-994-3332, ext. 99 or book online at:


Simply inform the cashiers when you arrive at Barkerville or Cottonwood House that you’re from an effected area and your regular camping fees will be waived in favour of a whatever donation you wish to make. Your admission fees to either heritage site will also be “pay what you can.”

This offer will remain in effect until further notice.