Employment Opportunity – Seasonal Curatorial Cleaner


Job title: Conservation Cleaner (seasonal)
Position: Full Time Seasonal
Closing Date: Until position is filled
Internal/external Posting

• BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU)
• Salary Grade: $21.43 plus benefits as dispersed according to the Collective Agreement  between the BCGEU and the Barkerville Heritage Trust

Orientation and Supervision: (how the position fits into the company structure)
• Position reports to the Curator
• Position receives general direction from Curatorial Assistant(s)
• Performs all operational duties based upon industry standards and guided by the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and the BC Heritage Conservation Act to ensure the continued conservation of collections.
• May provide direction and assistance to others when cleaning artifacts or other collections items
• When the incumbent has doubts about procedural methods, (s)he is expected to seek out advice on proper treatment of artifacts and review written documentation available in the Library/Archives and/or senior Curatorial staff prior to proceeding
• Reports problems and issues with regards to buildings, exhibits and other areas of the site to the Curator and/or the appropriate other manager depending on the nature of the problem. The incumbent is expected to propose solutions for overcoming these problems
• Performs all duties with a heritage conservation focus to ensure the continued protection and conservation of Barkerville Heritage Town
• Works as a team member with all Barkerville Heritage Trust site staff and contractors.

Main tasks or responsibilities (core duties of the position, including but not limited to):
• Cleans exhibits and viewing windows using approved museum techniques
• Maintains exterior areas of buildings, including boardwalks in buildings not used by  merchants
• Cleans storage areas and reviews contents to ensure that artifacts are in their proper storage area
• Work in a healthy and safe manner and follow all BHT health and safety guidelines
• Assists, as required, in special events
• Assists in the development and implementation of displays
• Performs flexible and varying duties depending on the shifting needs of the organization  and its staff members

The Position requires that the following laws, regulations, policies and procedures be adhered to:
• The Workers Compensation Board regulations;
• The Barkerville Heritage Trust Safety Management and Accident Prevention Program;
• The Barkerville Heritage Trust’s policies and procedures;
• Adherence to the Job Performance Expectations of the position;
• Barkerville’s Personal Presentation Standards
• Performs all operational duties based up on industry standards and guided by the occupation health and safety regulations

Qualifications, Skill and Abilities (Requirements needed to perform the job):
• Grade 12 graduation;
• Ability to work under own initiative with minimal supervision or as a member of a team;
• Ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral form;
• Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions;
• Good public relations skills;
• Hold and maintain a valid Class 5 British Columba driver’s license;
• WHIMIS certificate (Provided by employer);
• Training in the handling, care and maintenance of artifacts and exhibits according to approved museum techniques;
• Ability to safely use basic hand and power tools

Working conditions: (physical environment of the job, including on and off site):
• Medium physical effort in an ever-changing environment during inclement weather
• Work will require lifting and carrying
• Will be required to perform manual labour duties and to perform the physical job requirements
• Hours of work are 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The incumbent may utilize power equipment prior to 10 am and non-power equipment for the remainder of the day

For more information contact: Mandy Kilsby, Curator, Barkerville Historic Town and Park at mandy.kilsby@barkerville.ca or 1.888.994.3332 ext. 35

Apply by email or in person to Mandy Kilsby at mandy.kilsby@barkerville.ca