Employment Opportunity: Indigenous Officer


Classification: Corporate and Visitor Services Officer
Job title: Indigenous Officer
Position: Temporary (One Year) Part Time 20hrs per week
Closing Date: May 28th 12:00 noon
Anticipated Start Date June 1st, 2018
Internal/External Posting

Barkerville exists to inspire today through the courage of the past. Therefore, we promise a welcoming experience to reflect, connect and grow. In everything we do, we are connected by discovery, and as a result are described as adventurous, authentic, inclusive and dynamic.

The Indigenous Officer is responsible for communication and liaison with indigenous communities, primarily L’hatako Dene, to consult and develop indigenous programming and interpretation at Barkerville Historic Town and Park. This role is key to supporting Barkerville and its partners in the planning of future activities and projects through cultural understanding, relationship building, and strategic planning.

The Indigenous Liaison also coordinates all aspects of collaborative work with Indigenous communities to increase collective understanding of Indigenous perspectives; ensure that an Indigenous lens is represented within the planning of indigenous educational programming; and generate feedback and input that can contribute to development of sustainable, revenue generating programming along indigenous themes.

• BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU)
• Salary grade: $31.59 plus benefits in accordance with the collective agreement

Orientation and Supervision (How the position fits into the company structure):
• Position reports to the General Manager and L’hatako Band Administrator and Operations Director;
• Position will be based out of Barkerville Historic Town and park, but will require occasional travel to Quesnel;
• Works as a team member with all Barkerville Heritage Trust site staff and contractors involved with heritage site operational activities and staff of L’hatako Dene Nation;
• Performs all operational duties based upon industry standards and guided by the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada to ensure the continued protection and conservation of Barkerville Historic Town.

Duties and Reponsibilities:
• Work with Barkerville and local Indigenous communities to ensure programming, structure, activities, and stories are presented in an authentic and respectful manner;
• Develop an effective model that is sustainable and provides potential for even more economic growth as these programs develop and expand;
• Develop programs to employ and keep Indigenous employees;
• Conduct research, develop policies, and implement programs;
• Ensure Indigenous participation in impact assessments, proposals, and developments for long-term projects;
• Take a lead role in creating a culturally responsible work and client environment by educating staff and managers in a professional manner in relation to L’hatako Dene.;
• Create exciting new activities and workshops and exploring parts of the parks that were previously underutilized;
• Invite Elders to host programmed activities offered to visitors;
• Ensure consistent early engagement of stakeholders and Indigenous peoples in initiatives, program design, and policy development to inform directions, create buy in, establish credibility, and directly contribute to the success of resulting solutions;
• Provide input, direction, recommendations and advice on proposed programs or initiatives
• Provide advice and recommendations on best practices in engaging with Indigenous agencies and organizations;
• Provide strategic and planned outreach to identify and develop strategic relationships that are aligned with Barkerville`s mandate, and strengthen relationships with stakeholders;
• Develop and maintain open communication and effective relations with multiple stakeholders.

The position requires that the following laws, regulations, policies and procedures be adhered to:
• The Work Safe BC regulations;
• The Barkerville Heritage Trust Safety Management and Accident Prevention Program;
• The Barkerville Heritage Trust’s policies and procedures;
• Adherence to the Job Performance Expectations of the position;
• Performs all operational duties based upon industry standards and guided by the occupation health and safety regulations.

Qualifications, Skills, and Abilities (Requirements needed to perform the job):
• Ability to work effectively on project teams, both as a leader and a member;
• Experience in working collaboratively and building relationships with stakeholders and partners to archive common goals;
• Ability to think strategically and identify and develop solutions to complex problems; Developed critical thinking and analytical skills including the ability to summarize and synthesize complex material and identify key issues and develop solutions;
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, both verbal and written and ability to adapt style to different audiences;
• Thorough knowledge of and sensitivity to Indigenous history and culture, which strongly influence indigenous perceptions is essential to develop positive working relationships. This includes in depth knowledge of the diverse range of cultures, stakeholders, Indigenous peoples and communities served, interested or impacted by Barkerville’s programming;
• Good interpersonal skills, reliable, punctual, organized, demonstrates initiative, self-motivation, planning and organizational skills, effective communicator.

Forward your application via email to dleroy@barkerville.ca by closing at 12:00 noon, May 28th, 2018.

Questions: Contact Dawn Leroy by email or phone 1-888-994-3332 Ext #24