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These one-panel cartoons by Dirk Van Stralen, along with the accompanying editorial by Danette Boucher, are part of twenty weekly entries that will be logged – and subsequently blogged – as part of a 2013 collaboration between Barkerville, British Columbia and The Prince George Citizen aimed at introducing some of the quirkier advantages to living, working, and playing in the Cariboo Goldfields. We hope you enjoy!

July 19

[History Town] Remembering Too Tall Kate

I can’t remember every aspect of every single day I have spent working in Barkerville. After all these years most of it is a pleasant blur of images and sounds. But I do remember July 17th, 2000. I remember it vividly. On the morning of July 17th, 2000 I went to the Visitors’ Reception Centre […]

July 15

[History Town] Barkerville offers the simple luxury of sitting still

In my life away from Barkerville I am very plugged in. I love social media. I live in Wells, a remote community with no cell phone service, so I rely on the internet to keep me connected. My computer is my lifeline to my friends and family far away. In my leisure time my iPad […]

July 05

[History Town] We are part of something that means so much to so many

Dominion Day always reminds me of how important Barkerville has been, and continues to be, in the story of my life. Twenty-two years ago – on July 1st, 1993 – I participated in my first Dominion Day celebration in Barkerville as Miss Florence Wilson. It was all very new and exciting for me, and as […]

June 27

[History Town] Barkerville is an important chapter in the lives of many BC performers

Standing outside of the Theatre Royal today as the one o’clock show let out, I chatted with several happy patrons who had just been well entertained. One lady said to me: “Such talent here! I had no idea there were so many great performers in Barkerville, inside the theatre and outside of it, too!” As […]

June 20

[History Town] Another Barkerville dream, come true

Every summer from 1993 to 2003 I told the story of Billy Barker’s “discovery claim” at least once a day during the Barkerville town tour. It’s a great tale, full of suspense and plot twists and has a really big payoff at the end. It also happens to be true. In 2014, after an 11 […]

June 16

[History Town] History only exists in the way we perceive it

I have often found the best museum designers and educators perceive, interpret and consider stories in a constantly evolving way, according to what is happening in the modern world around us. Good historical interpreters will be mindful of where we are now, as a society, and will allow that awareness to shape their narratives. We […]

June 07

[History Town] Filling up the tank for another season in Barkerville

April and May were busier than usual for me this year. In my “other life” (as I sometimes call my time away from Barkerville) I am a program developer, writer, director and consultant for heritage sites and museums. This spring was particularly active professionally, and as such I’ve been traveling a lot. In April I […]

June 05

HGTV’s Timber Kings to reconstruct Billy Barker’s mineshaft at Barkerville Historic Town

Summary HGTV’s Timber Kings will film the reconstruction of Billy Barker’s mineshaft and shaft-house at Barkerville June 9th & 10th, 2015 Details On Tuesday June 9th and Wednesday June 10th Barkerville, British Columbia will play host to Royalty once again – only this time instead of the traditional Victorian Queen it’s a crew of contemporary Cariboo “Kings” that will be […]

May 01

It’s “pay what you can” at Barkerville in the merry, merry month of May

From the first minutes of opening day on May 14th to the early evening hours of May 31st, admission to Barkerville Historic Town is by donation this month… for the fourth year in a row. “Since our first sesquicentennial celebration in 2012, Barkerville’s ‘pay what you can’ May admission special has been a great way […]

April 30

This Victoria Day, treat yourself to Royal Tea. With Royalty.

For more information about Barkerville’s annual Victoria Day Royal Tea (with Royalty) please phone James at 1-888-994-3332, ext. 41, or email